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A rep for Mischa Barton has dismissed reports the actress behaved “unprofessionally” while filming a new episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit“. The actress, who is playing a prostitute in a guest role on the TV series, allegedly upset cast and crew after repeatedly forgetting her lines while shooting earlier this week, on January 18.

012310 0808 MischaBarto1 Mischa Barton Not Acting Unprofessionally During Law and Order Shoot

The former “The O.C.” star is said to have frustrated her co-star Mariska Hargitay by relying on her for cues to finish their scene. A source tells the New York Daily News, “People close to her were hoping this would get her back on track. But it looks like she’s going to need yet another chance.”

But a spokesperson for Barton insists there have been no problems: “Everything’s going swimmingly on set.” Barton’s last TV venture, U.S. fashion drama “The Beautiful Life: TBL“, was canceled after just two episodes.

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Law and Order : SVU – Witness – Casting News

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[LAINIE MCALISTER] Female; Caucasian; 22-32; blonde perhaps, gorgeous; has Histrionic Personality Disorder (translation: total drama queen). She must always be the center of attention. She is given to exaggeration and, while quite sociable, is highly emotional and given to temper tantrums. Her appearance is extremely important to her, and she always looks her best, dressing somewhat inappropriately. She is highly flirtatious and manipulative. When relationships go south, she has a total breakdown over them, unable to accept the rejection. Because of her history of hyperbole and crying wolf, the veracity of her report of being raped at knife point becomes questionable –- especially when parts of her story fail to pan out. [GUEST STAR]
[NARDELIE YOULA] Female; African – From Congo; 30′s-50′s; Regal looking; kind, nurturing, strong; selfless, decent. Has lived life and survived countless, unspeakable tragedies back in her home country of the Congo, where she was brutally mass raped. She has somehow managed to retain her sense of self, dignity and humor. She worked as a nurse back home, but after escaping to America (illegally), she can only find work as a home health aide. She fearlessly interrupts a violent rape in progress, but is hesitant to come forward because of her immigration status and history. She risks her own safety by testifying on behalf of another rape victim, at great cost to herself. [GUEST STAR]

[BRYCE KELLEY] Male; Caucasian; 40′s; Our sad sack, dim witted, creepy, tall & rangy rapist with a slight paunch belly; An unemployed loser, who’s always that one quick fix away from that big, easy payday. He’s happy to let his wife be the sole breadwinner, but is slightly emasculated by it. He has deluded himself into thinking the hot chick “Lainie” across the building wants him. Fearing the wrath of his wife if she finds out, he justifies donning a ski mask and raping the girl he believes so badly wants him. [GUEST STAR]

[DANIEL STEGMAN] Male; Caucasian; 27-33; nerdy/cute provider, slightly panicked and easily excitable over the impending birth of his first child. He is committed to his wife Beth, but is flattered and easily manipulated by the attention of their sexy neighbor. (TWO SCENES)

[BETH STEGMAN] Female; Caucasian; 26-33; She is 9-months pregnant with her first baby and about to pop. Between she and Daniel she is emotional rock as it relates to handling the suspense & pressures of her impending labor. Although she and Daniel have a solid relationship, her current physical condition makes her a bit insecure over the bombshell neighbor who’s constantly “borrowing” her husband for around-the-house chores. (TWO SCENES)

[JASON HARRIS] Male; Caucasian; Mid-Late 20′s; good-looking and knows it. Comes from money. Likes to play the ladies and keep his options open. (ONE SCENE; 5 lines)

[NESTOR] Male; Any Ethnicity; 60′s, Upper East Side non-door-man building super. He cares deeply about his tenants and building. Although he frowns upon the histrionics and demands of his highest maintenance tenant (Lainie) he tolerates her non-the-less however he draws the line at her criminal behavior. (5-7 lines)

[ROSIE] Female; Any Ethnicity; 30′s-50′s; short and or heavy-set, nasal, home health care worker in scrubs. A bit unpleasant. [3 lines]

[I.C.E AGENT] Male; Any Ethnicity; Late 20′s-40s’; Large physical type, no nonsese in a windbreaker takes our illegal immigrant witness into custody against our will. (2 lines)

[ASIAN WOMAN] Female; Asian; Late 50′s-Early 70′s; NO ENGLISH; Speaks one line in Chinese – “Ni-hau. Wo-bu-hui-jiang-ying-yu”; polite, sweet face but of no assistance to our Detectives questioning her in “Lainie’s” building. (2 Lines)

[SOCCER BOY] Male; Any Ethnicity; 13yrs, privileged little Upper East Side snot, sharp, always working an angle. (2 LINES)

[LOUNGE LIZARD] Male; 20′s-35; Vince Vaughn in “Swingers”; although his zoot suite remains hung in his closet the vibe and the playa never dies. He hits on “Benson” & “Cabot” in a bar to no avail. (1 line)

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‘Law and Order: SVU’ Taps Sharon Stone as Prosecutor

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Just a day after Executive Producer Neal Baer confirmed that Mischa Barton would guest star on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit“, it is reported that Sharon Stone would also jump into the wagon. Unlike Barton who is to tackle only one episode, Stone is set for four episodes airing starting April.

010610 1541 LawandOrder1 Law and Order: SVU Taps Sharon Stone as Prosecutor

According to EW, Stone will be a former cop who switches lane to become a prosecutor. She “presumably” will give Benson, Stabler and the rest of the team, a hard time. “It is obviously a thrill and a delight to have a star of Sharon’s wattage and importance joining SVU,” SVU showrunner Dick Wolf said.

Before “SVU”, Sharon Stone made an appearance in three episodes of ABC’s “The Practice” for which she won an Emmy in 2004 as attorney Sheila Carlisle. She also had a recurring role on Showtime’s “Huff” two years later.

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Law and Order : SVU – Casting News – Mischa Barton

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010510 1401 LawandOrder1 Law and Order : SVU   Casting News   Mischa BartonWhere do you go after playing a glamorous model named Sonja Stone on The CW’s short-lived The Beautiful Life? How about to Law & Order: SVU as a hooker named Gladys? SVU executive producer Neal Baer has been twittering teases about Mischa’s casting with the clues: Bongo, Singer and Austin. The Texas/Bongo clues got me all excited that he was bringing Matthew McConaughey on to the show, but Baer called me up to exclusively reveal the casting of Mischa, who has played characters with those last three names. She played Katie Singer on Once and Again, Betty Ann Bongo on an animated series called Kablam!, and (Baer was really reaching) a character named Vicky Austin in a 2002 TV Movie called A Ring of Endless Light. (All he had to do was say Cooper, and we would have known he was talking about The OC star.)

Baer says he first took a shine to Mischa when she was a kid actress in “The Sixth Sense.” “She’s gone on to do amazing work both on TV and on the stage,” says Baer, who thought casting Mischa as a hooker would surprise viewers.

The episode, set to air March 3 (after the Olympics conclude) will reveal that Mischa’s character is hiding a secret that will prove complicating for Mariska Hargitay’s Benson. I’d just like to be on set when the AD’s yell out, “No, I said Mischa, not Mariska!”

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