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Law and Order : SVU – Possessed – Casting News

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Union or Non-Union Actors are invited to guest star on the upcoming episode of NBC series “Law & Order: SVU“. Episode: “Possessed

Shoot will be in NYC.


1.) FEMALE (mid 20s; Caucasian) – LARISSA WELSH. Emotionally shut down; vacant, paranoid, haunted & hardened; At 10yrs old she was drugged and forced to perform in kiddie porn videos and in depraved circles became known as the child starlet “Brandy”. Her youth was spent shuttling between foster homes who didn’t give a damn and shooting porn. 15 years later she is damaged, closed off, major trust issues, was once innocent and sweet but has hardened over the years. She only recently began a relationship with a man. She was doubly violated when the guy who kidnapped her initially (Arthur Underwood) forced her to do porn and was acquitted of his crimes. Has spent the fifteen years since haunted by the chance that her violators will recognize her on the street. When she is attacked by one of her “fans,” Larissa knows she can no longer
run from her past but must confront and transcend it. (GUEST STAR);

2.) MALE (mid-late 20s; Caucasian) – DANIEL JACOBS. Dead behind the eyes; Spiritually and emotionally a shell of a human being; dark and troubled. His adolescent good & kind soul has been crushed and replaced with darkness. As a kid he was kidnapped and forced to perform in the “Brandy” kiddie porn series. Although he helped Larissa escape their hell his fate was not so kind. When we find him as an adult he’s turned his pain outwards, not inwards and is now directing child porn movies himself. Initiating other kids into the hell he has grown so accustomed. (SUPPORTING GUEST);

3.) MALE (30+; Caucasian) – LAWRENCE BALOGH. Hulking, oversized, overweight fanboy – but more sinister than a guy who collects Star Wars figurines – he’s a pedophile and Rapist. Probably never had a real relationship with an adult woman; perhaps a touch mentally slow. He is obsessed with “Brandy,” the former 10 year old star of child porn movies shot in the 90s. He has been trying to track her down for years and has raped other little girls as well, dressing them up as a “Brandy’s” doppelganger. He doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with man/child love. It’s as legitimate as any other kind because his motives are (to him anyway) pure, not deviant. (SUPPORTING);

4.) MALE (early-late 20s; any ethnicity) – PATRICK BINDER. Cute, slightly edgy, off beat, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, energetic. New boyfriend of Larissa, unaware of her child porn past except that she’s very wary of relationships. Patrick is a good guy, physically sure of himself as he saves Larissa from a rapist early on, and genuinely wants to help his new girlfriend. (TWO SCENES);

5.) MALE (30s-50s; any ethnicity) – SECURITY GUARD. Tough, New Yawk; rugged, jaded, competent. (1-5 lines)

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Law and Order : SVU Season 12 Episode 9 – Gray

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Law and Order : SVU Season 12 Episode 9 “Gray” : Law and Order: Special Victims Unit has been a reliably strong show for over a decade now. The latest episode, “Gray,” is no exception, as it provides the drama and intrigue the show has long been known for.

Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) find themselves probing the edges of a gray area during a he-said-she-said rape investigation that could potentially lead them to the murderer of an unborn child.

When Detective Stabler accompanies his daughter Kathleen (Allison Siko) to a “Take Back the Night” rally at Hudson College, a student runs into the room claiming another student, Chuck Mills, raped her.

Stabler arrests Mills on the spot, but Mills, of course, presents a different side to the story, claiming innocence.

Throughout the episode, the investigative duo delves into the complexities that accompany any allegation of sexual assault. The show does a great job of portraying the range of emotions and ethical questions that go into handling a rape case.

Equally intriguing is the return of Assistant District Attorney Sonya Paxton (Christine Lahti), who is recovering from alcoholism. She tells the detectives that if they cannot find evidence, Mills will go free.

What follows is a series of intricate and shocking plot twists; it is never easy to tell where a Law and Order story will go next.
Detectives discover that Mills has a habit of not playing by the rules and had formerly been brought before a disciplinary committee at school. Unfortunately, the school couldn’t find anything solid to charge him with. However, Kathleen obtains documents from the committee hearing and provides her father with the envelope.

While the packet contains reports from the hearing, it provides no evidence of his guilt. However, it lends insight into another case involving Mills’ girlfriend and an unconventional abortion.

Included with the assorted documents is a picture of a bed sheet hanging from a building with the phrase, “Chuck Mills is a murderer.” The sign was created when it was rumored that Mills provided his girlfriend with the means to create a miscarriage – a drug called misoprostol.

At this point, there is enough evidence to bring the case to court, but the detectives suffer a problem when Mills’ girlfriend doesn’t show up to the courtroom.

What follows is a twist ending that viewers are unlikely to see coming. The Law and Order franchise has a long history of keeping fans guessing, and this one is certainly no exception. It’s thrilling from start to finish.

The episode does a great job of keeping viewers on their toes, but sometimes the veering from one storyline to another can be rather frustrating.

This episode’s one true flaw is that by jumping from the story of an alleged rape victim to the miscarriage story, the first plot is largely abandoned, and it almost feels like an afterthought.

Targeting a college audience, Law and Order: SVU has teamed up with AOL TV and certain schools to provide a screening, including a panel discussion with national organizations against sexual violence. The idea is that college students can relate to the issue of rape occurring on campuses.

Invoking the idea that rape and illegal abortion often go unreported and uncharged due to lack of evidence, Law and Order: SVU once again paints the world in a sinister light, giving parents more to worry about and students more to guard against.

With “Gray,” Law And Order: SVU is able to tackle an issue that affects young people in a suspenseful, entertaining fashion.