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Law and Order : SVU – Season 13 – Justice Denied – Casting News

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Law and Order : SVU Season 13 : [OMAR PENA] Male; Latino; Mid 30s-50s. Convict turned self educated Lawyer; ex-navy; damaged, desperate but not broken, once easily intimidated and manipulated, now turned strong willed and defiant. He’s serving 8 years of a 300 yr sentence for rape but has not wavered on claims of his innocence. Nick-named by his fellow inmates as “Matlock” for his single mindedness of focus towards his freedom. When another rape with the same M.O. happens while he’s still in jail perhaps a new ray of sunlight will shine upon the facts of his case. (GUEST STAR)

[MARCO & JAVIER] Male; Brazilian with accents; Late 20s-Late 30s; Brazilian Naval soldiers docked in NYC for Fleet week and looking to party; extroverted, seemingly innocent foreign sailors but underneath lurks a monster in Javier and his weak willed accomplice in Marco. While Javier has the sex appeal and a striking physique to conceal his demons beneath; Marco is the
sidekick weak link without the taste for crime or the stomach to conceal it. (SUPPORTING: THREE-FOUR SCENES)

[GINA LOGAN] Female; Caucasian; Early-Mid 20s. Post collegiate; cute and spunky; good girl looking for a night of naughty with a faceless sailor while out with her friends during fleet week when things go terribly wrong. Disfigured after having ammonia poured on her face, distraught and terrorized, recovering at the hospital, Gina is seriously hurt but does her best to help our Detectives ID the man who attacked her. (SUPPORTING; FOUR SCENES)

[MATT MORALES] Male; Latino; Mid 20s-Early 30s. Navy; Handsome, charismatic, nice smile with petty ex-con baggage lurking beneath. His false sense of bravado easily charms the pants off of underage girls but he’s no match for our Detectives. Lately he’s been walking the semi-straight and narrow, but his love for recreational drugs, his drive to party and his appetite for the underage make him a prime suspect. (TWO GOOD SCENES)

[COURTNEY HU] Female; Asian or East Indian or Middle Eastern; Early-Mid 20s. Attractive, playful post-collegiate party girl, flirtatious, not afraid of fun or boys, has a taste for a man in uniform, frequents dive bars with bras hanging from the ceiling. Friends with our victim Gina Logan, Courtney was the last person to see Gina the night she was attacked and is distraught that she went home with Navy boy instead of getting her friend home safely. (TWO SCENES)

[WARDEN DAVIS] Male; African American; 40s; Warden of Green Haven Prison, authoritative without being a Dick! He commands respect and respects his prisoners in return. Good bullshit detector, tough but understands convicts are humans too and treats them as such. He is familiar with Omar Pena, secretly respects his letter writing effort, but is realistic about the chances of his release. (TWO SCENES)

[ARIEL BASKINS] Female; Caucasian; Early 30s; once vibrant and full of life her rape and assault 8 years earlier has left her physically scarred and emotionally damaged, drained and tainted with sadness. She’s getting on with her life but some things you can never leave behind entirely. (ONE SCENE; 12-15 lines)

[CSU TECH JULIAN BECK] Male; Caucasian; Late 20s-40s; Specializing in all things knots; Meticulous, well versed; enthusiastic, whip smart, loves the intricate complexities of investigative tech work. Devours all the info of any give subject quickly and is an instant expert on any topic. (ONE SCENE; Possibly Recurring)

[SOFIA TORRES] Female; Latina; 16yrs going on trouble; loves to party; no longer a girl but not yet a woman; drinking too young; sexually active far too long and loves to seek out way older men. (2 Lines)