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Law and Order: SVU – 13 Seasons and Still On Top of Its Game

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Nearly one year ago, it was announced that after 12 years Chris Meloni would be making his exit from Law & Order: SVU. After a summer of cast and crew changes, including the departure of showrunner Neal Baer, it would have been easy for the show to crumble under the pressure. However, now nearing the end of its 13th (and hopefully not final) season, SVU is at its very best.

Whilst the show itself has always been of a high standard, especially in terms of writing and acting, the last couple of seasons have lacked the spark which initially made the show so unique and special. Instead, the audience were watching predictable plot twists which took the emotional depth out of the show.

Thanks to some fantastic additions to the cast, a talented set of writers and a brilliant new showrunner, Warren Leight, SVU is better than it has been in a long time. Leight, who has previously worked on Criminal Intent and Lights Out, has more than proven he was the right choice for the job. His entrance has turned the show around and helped to remind us all why SVU deserves to be where it is today.

Season 13 has been successful in subtly reinventing the show whilst still staying true to what SVU is about. This season has gone to places fans would have never expected and we have seen some of the most intense and interesting episodes to date. SVU is now back on top and here are some of the most notable reasons why:

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