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Law and Order : SVU – Damned – Casting News

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RICHARD MORGAN:- Male.. Caucasian; Mid 40′s-Late 50′s; Master of the Universe, Aura of Billionaire; Slick, Charming, Cunning, Manipulative & Regal billionaire investment banker, skyscraper-owner, Ponzi schemer and murderer. At first glance is disarming and likeable but underneath the smooth façade, lies a true sociopath who wouldn’t think twice about killing to protect his ill-gotten gains. Enjoys taunting the police when interrogated. (GUEST STAR)

SECURITY CHIEF JAMES HOPKINS:- Male; Any Ethnicity; 40′s-Late 50′s; No-Nonsense, By the Book, Respected and well Experienced Retired Cop now working a dream job as VP of Security for Richard Morgan’s building. Not much gets by Hopkins and he takes his job very seriously. What he thought would be a cushy semi-retirement has turned out to be a nightmare when a woman ends up murdered on his watch. . Assists our cops in trying to find victim in Morgan’s skyscraper. In the end, mans up and gives Detectives information crucial to their case. (SUPPORTING GUEST STAR)

DANIEL HARDY:- Male; Caucasian; 40′s, Blue Collar; sympathetic working man; Once an innocent, unassuming, loving maintenance man but after 20 years of being falsely imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit he’s turned, cold, bitter, resentful and angry. Framed by the billionaire Richard Morgan, Daniel is finally sprung from prison by decades old evidence that sets him free. (SUPPORTING GUEST STAR)

FRANK:- Male; Caucasian or Hispanic; 40′s-60; blue collar; worn, grizzled but sharp; toughened life long building engineer who has seen it all. Despite his rough demeanor, gets visibly shaken when he finds the dead body. (2 Scenes, 8-10 Lines)

HENRY:- Male; African American; 20′s, blue collar; Wise Cracking & smarter than his breeding may suggest; he’s a dedicated and hard working assistant apprentice building engineer. Enjoys busting his boss Frank’s chops when he can, but his demeanor changes quickly upon discovering the victims bloody clothes. (Teaser, 5 Lines)

MIKE GILMORE:- Male; Caucasian; Late 20′s-Mid 30′s; hot-tempered Frat boy stockbroker with a restraining order against him from his Ex-Wife. Even though he is only guilty of Marijuana Posession; when his ex-wife Renee turns up dead, he becomes the prime suspect. (1 Scenes, 7-10 lines plus 1 Scene Non-Speaking)

SECURITY SUPERVISORS:- Male; Any Ethnicity; Mid 30′s-Mid 50′s; Stern, sharp, Meticulous, eye on everything. They run the Security Command Center for James Hopkins Security Team. He is a desk jockey, but extremely competent and well versed in video surveillance. (1 Scene; 3-5 Lines each)

ELDERLY MAN:- Male; Caucasian; Late 60′s-Mid 70′s; White Collar; still vital and full of fight Grandfather type driven into a heartbreaking murderous rage after losing everything to Richard Morgan’s ponzi scheme. Shoots Morgan in broad daylight and crumbles to the ground in grief. (1 Scene, 1 emotional Line)

CAMERA WOMAN:- Female; Any Ethnicity; 20′s; Hot & sassy risk taking photographer who fancies herself as an independent photo-journalist. Uses her looks to sneak in and out of sticky situations to snap a few pictures of our perp while locked up. (2 Lines)

ROSA VELASQUEZ:- Female; Latina; 20′s-30′s; working class Hot tamale cleaning woman startled when caught with her lover in an empty office space. (1-2 Lines)


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