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Law and Order : SVU – Season 13 – Casting News

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LAW & ORDER: SVU (13) “True Believers” Episodic UNIVERSAL NETWORK TV
One Hour Drama/NBC

[SARAH GODWIN] Female; Caucasian; 18-23. Rape Victim; Gifted Piano major on scholarship; hip bohemian self reliant with a backbone; quietly brave, carefree & trusting as only her generation can be, intelligent, friendly, and ultimately traumatized after being raped. Shes the shining star from her middle class suburban family until her victimization snuffs out her light. (EMMY CALIBER GUEST STAR) [MICHAEL WEDMORE] Male; African American; Mid-Late 20s. Our suspect; Lower class from the projects; handsome, charming, hustling pot dealer; seemingly innocuous, but quietly volatile. Underneath his smooth exterior he speaks softly but carries a menacing stick. Calm and collected he strikes at gunpoint with a sneer and a courteous smile. A good liar, he knows how to cover his tracks and spin his crimes. (GUEST STAR) [PAUL STRASSNER] Male; Caucasian; Early-Mid 30s. Sarahs boyfriend; Academic, Classical musician and Collegiate piano instructor; Handsome, good guy, modest and compassionate. (SUPPORTING; FOUR-SCENES)

[HENRY GODWIN] Male; Caucasian; Late 40s-Early 50s. Sarahs dad, middle class, suburban, stern but proud & loving father of his gifted musician daughter. Although he drives her hard hes always been proud of his baby. When his idealistic vision of his daughter is shattered, his tough exterior cracks revealing a wave of tears. (SUPPORTING: 6 SCENES with 7-10 lines)

[ANN GODWIN] Female; Caucasian; Late 40s; Sarahs very involved and present mom, middle class, suburban, warm doting and loving. Devastated to find out her daughter has been victimized (SUPPORTING: 5 SCENES with 5-7 lines)

[JUDGE OWENS] Female; Any Ethnicity; 40s-50s. Tough, stern, judicious, confident, owns her courtroom. Does not get drawn in by smooth defense attorneys and their slippery ways. Hears everyone out equally before making her decisions, but usually she favors law enforcement. (4 Scenes, 5 Lines, POSSIBLY RECURRING)

[JENNIFER] Female; Any Ethnicity; Mid 20s-Mid 30s. Rape Crisis Counselor in heels, book studied but with very little hands on experience with actual victims, tactless, intrusive, less then endearing and more than upsetting; she inserts herself between Detectives and victims when she has not been summoned. (ONE SCENE; 10 lines)

[NURSE] Female; Any Ethnicity; 30s-40s. Plain, working class; compassionate but professional, helpful, serious about her work, knows she has a job to do and does it, even when its dealing with fragile rape victims. (ONE SCENE; 5-7 Lines. POSSIBLEY RECURRING)

[PUBLIC DEFENDER GUTHRIE] Male; Caucasian; Late 20s-Late 30s. Bumbling public defense attorney. Disheveled, in over his head, disorganized, clumsy, over worked, not the sharpest lawyer in NYC. Stumbles his way through arraignment, bordering on malpractice. (ONE SCENE; 5 lines)

[MICHAELS MOTHER] Female; African American; Mid to Late 40s. Working class Humbly respectable, church going mother of Michael. Poor, but is always presentable. Sweet but worried for her son and his predicament. (3 Scenes with 2 Lines)

[GIRLFRIEND] Female; African American; 20s; From the projects, Michaels girlfriend, lots of attitude, know it all, not afraid to make her presence known in the courtroom. (3 Scenes with 2 Lines)

[BLACK MAN 1 & 2] Male; African American; Mid-Late 20s. Street hoodlums, trouble making too cool for school; (1 line each)

[BARTENDER] Male; Any Ethnicity; 30s-40s; Hamilton Heights bartender at Sarahs local dive bar. Knows all his customers and they know him. (2 Lines)

[CLERK] Female; African American or Hispanic; 20s-40s. Grocery Store Clerk in Harlem, working Class, hard working, tired, making ends meet (1 Line)

[FOREMAN] Male: Any Ethnicity; Late 30s to Early 50s. Serious, unassuming, confident Jury Foreman who reads the verdict. (1 Line)