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Law and Order: SVU “Unstable” Casting Call

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[MARC FOSTER] Male, African American, Early-Late 30s; Calm and cool under pressure yet devious and maniacal behind his unassuming demeanor, with an inner blinding rage. He has fallen a long way from his former job on Wall St. Mark is beyond misogynistic, with an unapologetic hatred for women. He doesn’t see them as women, more as objects for his amusement, using rape and violence as ways to punish them. At first he proclaims his innocence with bravado, but when our detectives have indisputable evidence, he sings about all his many brutal crimes without remorse or shame. Jail seems too good a deal for this criminal, so when he falls to his death no one sheds too many tears. (GUEST STAR)

[RENA WEST] Female, Caucasian; Mid 20s-Mid 30s, Fragile; jittery; feisty, frightened; broken and devastated rape victim. Rena is found beaten and bloody, roaming the streets in a bedsheet. She is hysterical but develops an attachment to the investigating detective and will speak with no one but him. Though she has been reduced to the mental state of a scared child, she is responsive to the detective’s tough love, and learns to take responsibility and control of her life back by putting away the man who destroyed hers. (GUEST STAR)

[BEVERLY NEAL] Female, African American; 30s; A former prostitute street crawler turned Professional Court Reporter. After she was beaten and raped by a “John” 10 years earlier she got her act together; went to school and turned her life around. Looking beyond her pantsuit façade, it is apparent that she probably learned a few skills on the streets that aides her work in the judicial system. When our Detectives confront her regarding her secret past asking for help in ID’ing her rapist her past threatens to come back and haunt her. (Two Scenes sptv050769, 10 Lines)

[KATIE CORLEY] Female, Caucasian; Mid 30s-Early 40s; The large scar across her cheek is a gruesome reminder of her rape 10 years ago. Trying to move on with her life, she has started to gain back her confidence and her old life when detectives return to inform her they may have put away the wrong guy for her rape. Shocked and unbelieving when hearing this news, she lashes out at our detectives for questioning her credibility as an eyewitness to her own rape. When it turns out they are right, it is almost too much for Katie to handle. (Two Scenes, 10 Lines)

[WILLIE BOOTS] Male, African American or Latino; Early 40s to Early 50s; Former Pimp; Brazen, arrogant, renowned; sleazy; streetwise; always looking to make a buck former pimp of Beverly Neal. Now slinging hot dogs outside the Port Authority, Willie gives the detectives information that helps lead them to Mark Foster, though not without a play to try and get money out of them. (ONE Scene, 10 Lines)

[MALCOLM FOSTER] Male, African American; Late 60s-70s; blue collar; Ailing father of our rapist Mark Foster. Kind, soft and sweet, perhaps in a burly body; former longtime butcher; it’s amazing such a criminal could come from such a man. Nervous and afraid when the police first show up, it doesn’t take much to convince him of the atrocities committed by his son. He sees Mark as a disappointment, but even feeling that, he fears for the life of his son. (One Scene, 8-10 Lines)

[GAIL FOSTER] Female, African American; Late 20s-Mid 30s, Crack head former battered wife of our rapist Marc Foster. Jittery and glassy eyed, her many years of crack use is clearly evident in her appearance as well as her attitude and mannerisms. Possibly the worst mother in the world, she blatantly smokes crack in front of her 6 year old daughter, and neglects to wash or feed the child. Detectives hope to get help from her regarding Marc, but when they realized she’ll say anything for money, their hopes fade. (One Scene, 5 Lines)

[DEBBIE LUPINO] Female, Caucasian; 15-16yrs; Grief stricken friend of our rape and murder victim; the girls had planned a night of pot smoking; drinking; and making out with boys but certainly never considered a beer run would end in rape and murder. (1 Scene, 7 Lines)

[TIM CONLON] Male, Caucasian; Mid 30s-40s; Extremely fit, firefighter type; FDNY T-Shirt; All American guy taking care of his autistic brother Spencer. He’s very supportive and patient with Spencer, and helps the detectives interact with him so they can identify our rapist. (1 Scene, 5 Lines)

[SPENCER CONLON] Male, Caucasian; Late 20s-Early 30s; Autistic brother of Tim Conlon. Jittery and restless, yet with a photographic memory and incredible skill with surveillance equipment. Unnerved by loud noises and human contact, his video surveillance of his neighborhood is his way of being social (1 Scene, 5 Lines)

[MADELEINE STEWART] Female Any Ethnicity; Early 50s to Early 60s; Manager at a local market. Real local New Yawk business owner. Responsible, hard working. Very watchful and mindful of all the goings on in her store, though she doesn’t keep video records, the camera is just for show. For that, she leads them to local watchdog Spencer Conlon. (1 Scene, 5 Lines)

[SHANE CORLEY] Male, Caucasian; Late 30s to Mid 40s. Husband of former rape victim Katie Corley. Protective and hard working, he is her rock. Shane is understandably upset when police come to drudge up this very traumatizing experience. (1 Scene 2 Lines)

[SERGEANT JUAN CARLOS] Male, Latino; 40s; All business, no-nonsense Sergeant of hard nose detective Nate Kendall. He is not easily rattled and is certainly not as offended by Nate’s brash behavior as other detectives. (Teaser, 2 Lines)

[CAMERAMAN] Male, Any Ethnicity; Early 30s-Mid 40s. Nosey, after-the-scoop cameraman who follows Nate Kendall down a dark alley, and he’s lucky he comes out alive. (1 Scene, 1 Line)

[SHIT CAN] Male, Caucasian; Late 20-Late 30s; Meth head to the max, jittery, borderline psychotic is sitting in a cop car with a gun in his mouth after killing his 3 month old daughter agonizing over whether he should kill himself. Lucky for him, the gun isn’t loaded…and lest we forget he shits himself – hence his character name. (Teaser, Non Speaking)

[MADDIE FOSTER] Female, African American; 6 yrs; Malnourished, filthy, neglected daughter of Mark and Gail Foster. She’s been living in fear with her crack-head mother and the stakes get raised when our Detectives bash down the door. (1 Scene, Non-Speaking emoting fear and attachement).

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