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Watch Law and Order SVU Online

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‘Footloose’ Star Lori Singer to Guest on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

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030311 1730 FootlooseSt1 ‘Footloose’ Star Lori Singer to Guest on Law & Order: SVU

‘Footloose’ star Lori Singer is trading in her Sunday shoes to guest star on ‘Law & Order: SVU.’

Sources confirm to TV Squad that Singer will play Dede, a mother whose baby is kidnapped. The episode is currently scheduled to air April 6.

Before shooting to fame as Ariel Moore in ‘Footloose,’ Singer starred in the TV version of ‘Fame.’ Following ‘Footloose,’ Singer appeared in ‘Made in the USA’ and ‘Summer Heat.’ In the mid-1990s, she played Sydney Bloom in the TV series ‘VR.5.’

Singer’s last credited role was in 2005, a short called ‘Little Victim.’

The actress has taught acting seminars at Ivy League schools including Yale and Harvard.

The ‘SVU’ role is one of Singer’s first mainstream acting roles since taking a break to raise her child.

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Elizabeth Mitchell Heads to ‘Law & Order: SVU’

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021311 1350 ElizabethMi1 Elizabeth Mitchell Heads to Law & Order: SVU

Elizabeth Mitchell has been a castaway, a doctor and an FBI agent, but this March she’ll add a not-so-glamorous role to that list: a woman accused of molesting and murdering a child on ‘Law & Order: SVU.’

According to TV Guide, the ‘V’ star will play an unmarried piano teacher who was the last person to see a student before they died. Jeremy Irons will reprise his role of Dr. Cap Jackson in the same episode.

Irons’ sex doctor has experience in researching women who commit sexually deviant crimes, so Benson and Stabler call Dr. Jackson in to consult on the case.

Known for her Emmy-nominated portrayal of Juliet Burke on ‘Lost,’ Mitchell has been fighting aliens on ABC’s ‘V’ for the last two seasons.

Besides Irons and Mitchell, later this season ‘SVU’ will welcome guest stars including Debra Messing, Rose McGowan, Kate Burton and Countess LuAnn De Lesseps.

Mitchell’s episode, ‘Totem,’ will air March 30.

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Law & Order SVU star Maria Bello Rumored Joining New ‘Prime Suspect’

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NBC’s “Prime Suspect” is ready to be remade and start its production after its inability in casting the right person to play the character Detective Jane Tennison. It is still arguable who will become Tennison but Maria Bello, who starred on “Law and Order SVU Episode“, has been placed in the front line to replace the previous actress Helen Mirren.

021011 0637 LawOrderSVU1 Law & Order SVU star Maria Bello Rumored Joining New Prime Suspect

Bello as quoted by EW said, “There may be interest in me doing it, but I haven’t read anything yet or talked to anyone in-depth about it.” Moreover, she said that she could not take over Mirren who has frequently won Emmy for the role. “C’mon! How could anyone compete with her? Didn’t she do about 10 of them and win an Emmy every time?” said Bello.

Peter Berg from “Friday Night Lights” is assigned to be the producer of the reboot and Alexandra Cunningham who was the producer of “Desperate Housewives” is in charge as the showrunner.

“Prime Suspect” is originally a British police television drama series made by Garanada Television for the ITV network in the 1990s and 2000s.

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‘Bombshell’ Rose McGowan Joins ‘Law & Order: SVU’

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NBC has announced the appearance of Rose McGowan in one of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” upcoming episodes. McGowan, who formerly played Paige on “Charmed”, has landed a guest starring role for the upcoming spring episode of the TV series.

020911 0510 BombshellRo1 Bombshell Rose McGowan Joins Law & Order: SVU

“SVU” executive producer Neal Baer stated at the Writer’s Guild Awards, “Our episode is called Bombshell and Rose McGowan is the ultimate bombshell”. The former fiancee of rocker Marilyn Manson will play a grifter character named Cassandra who hits swinging men who frequent sex clubs. Having experience in such several dark films as “Scream” and “The Black Dahlia”, McGowan won’t have any barrier to assist the Cassandra character.

On another news, the rumor of making this series into 13th season has arisen. The stars, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, hope that there will be more than just 12 seasons. Telling TV Guide, Hargitay hopes that Olivia Benson, the character she played, will have a family and feel joy instead of pains. “We’re in discussions,” Hargitay said.

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Law & Order SVU Season 12 Episode 17 – Pursuit – Promotional Photos

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Watch promotional photos of Law & Order SVU Season 12 Episode 17 Pursuit

020411 0810 LawOrderSVU1 Law & Order SVU Season 12 Episode 17   Pursuit   Promotional Photos020411 0810 LawOrderSVU2 Law & Order SVU Season 12 Episode 17   Pursuit   Promotional Photos020411 0810 LawOrderSVU3 Law & Order SVU Season 12 Episode 17   Pursuit   Promotional Photos020411 0810 LawOrderSVU4 Law & Order SVU Season 12 Episode 17   Pursuit   Promotional Photos

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