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Law and Order : SVU – Casting News – Jennifer Love Hewitt to Guest

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After whispering to ghosts and playing a masseuse in a summer TV movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt is taking on the most serious role of her career. “In our third hour, airing September 29, Jennifer will be playing a woman named Vicki who has been raped multiple times and is afraid to leave her house,” Law & Order: SVU executive producer Neal Baer tells me exclusively. “One of the reasons we wanted to do this episode is because it addresses Mariska Hargitay’s passion for rape kits, which can help gather evidence to convict the rapists. But for some reason these kits have been sitting around unopened in cities all over the country.”

Mariska, who has brought attention to the value of rape kits through her Joyful Heart Foundation, will also be shooting scenes in Los Angeles for this same episode. Since this will be the lead in to Law and Order: Los Angeles’ premiere, it seems likely that Mariska’s Olivia will be interacting with the new franchise’s cast to help lead viewers into Dick Wolf’s latest franchise. No comment from Baer on that.

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Joan Cusack to Guest on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

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Detectives Stabler and Benson better brace themselves, because there’s an A-list suspect who’s about to make their list. Joan Cusack is set to guest star on ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ according to OMG.

The two-time Oscar nominee will play the mother of a girl who had gone missing years before. But when a second daughter disappears, her story suddenly seems questionable — and she becomes the center of the detectives’ investigation.

Cusack’s turn on ‘SVU’ is only the latest surprise appearance for the versatile actress. This summer she was on the big screen (virtually, at least), as the voice of Jessie, the upbeat cowgirl in ‘Toy Story 3.’ In the past, she’s appeared in a diverse range of films and shows, including the crowd-pleaser ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ (2009) and Nicole Holofcener’s 2006 indie dramedy, ‘Friends With Money.’

And as for how long her stint lasts on ‘SVU’? That depends on handy detective work.

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Henry Ian Cusick to Guest Star on Law & Order: SVU

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Henry Ian Cusick will go from time-traveling to computer artistry.

The actor who created one of the most iconic characters in TV history – Desmond Hume on Lost – has landed a guest-starring role on Law & Order: SVU.

Cusick will play a graphic artist named Erik Weber on the drama, appearing on at least two fall episodes and possibly getting close to Mariska Hargitay’s Detective Benson.

“There might be some flirtation,” producer Neal Baer told TV Guide. “Erik meets Olivia when he comes to someone’s aid. And then we’ll see how it goes. Olivia is devoted to her job and knows that comes first.”


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Law and Order : SVU – Witness – Casting News

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[LAINIE MCALISTER] Female; Caucasian; 22-32; blonde perhaps, gorgeous; has Histrionic Personality Disorder (translation: total drama queen). She must always be the center of attention. She is given to exaggeration and, while quite sociable, is highly emotional and given to temper tantrums. Her appearance is extremely important to her, and she always looks her best, dressing somewhat inappropriately. She is highly flirtatious and manipulative. When relationships go south, she has a total breakdown over them, unable to accept the rejection. Because of her history of hyperbole and crying wolf, the veracity of her report of being raped at knife point becomes questionable –- especially when parts of her story fail to pan out. [GUEST STAR]
[NARDELIE YOULA] Female; African – From Congo; 30’s-50’s; Regal looking; kind, nurturing, strong; selfless, decent. Has lived life and survived countless, unspeakable tragedies back in her home country of the Congo, where she was brutally mass raped. She has somehow managed to retain her sense of self, dignity and humor. She worked as a nurse back home, but after escaping to America (illegally), she can only find work as a home health aide. She fearlessly interrupts a violent rape in progress, but is hesitant to come forward because of her immigration status and history. She risks her own safety by testifying on behalf of another rape victim, at great cost to herself. [GUEST STAR]

[BRYCE KELLEY] Male; Caucasian; 40’s; Our sad sack, dim witted, creepy, tall & rangy rapist with a slight paunch belly; An unemployed loser, who’s always that one quick fix away from that big, easy payday. He’s happy to let his wife be the sole breadwinner, but is slightly emasculated by it. He has deluded himself into thinking the hot chick “Lainie” across the building wants him. Fearing the wrath of his wife if she finds out, he justifies donning a ski mask and raping the girl he believes so badly wants him. [GUEST STAR]

[DANIEL STEGMAN] Male; Caucasian; 27-33; nerdy/cute provider, slightly panicked and easily excitable over the impending birth of his first child. He is committed to his wife Beth, but is flattered and easily manipulated by the attention of their sexy neighbor. (TWO SCENES)

[BETH STEGMAN] Female; Caucasian; 26-33; She is 9-months pregnant with her first baby and about to pop. Between she and Daniel she is emotional rock as it relates to handling the suspense & pressures of her impending labor. Although she and Daniel have a solid relationship, her current physical condition makes her a bit insecure over the bombshell neighbor who’s constantly “borrowing” her husband for around-the-house chores. (TWO SCENES)

[JASON HARRIS] Male; Caucasian; Mid-Late 20’s; good-looking and knows it. Comes from money. Likes to play the ladies and keep his options open. (ONE SCENE; 5 lines)

[NESTOR] Male; Any Ethnicity; 60’s, Upper East Side non-door-man building super. He cares deeply about his tenants and building. Although he frowns upon the histrionics and demands of his highest maintenance tenant (Lainie) he tolerates her non-the-less however he draws the line at her criminal behavior. (5-7 lines)

[ROSIE] Female; Any Ethnicity; 30’s-50’s; short and or heavy-set, nasal, home health care worker in scrubs. A bit unpleasant. [3 lines]

[I.C.E AGENT] Male; Any Ethnicity; Late 20’s-40s’; Large physical type, no nonsese in a windbreaker takes our illegal immigrant witness into custody against our will. (2 lines)

[ASIAN WOMAN] Female; Asian; Late 50’s-Early 70’s; NO ENGLISH; Speaks one line in Chinese – “Ni-hau. Wo-bu-hui-jiang-ying-yu”; polite, sweet face but of no assistance to our Detectives questioning her in “Lainie’s” building. (2 Lines)

[SOCCER BOY] Male; Any Ethnicity; 13yrs, privileged little Upper East Side snot, sharp, always working an angle. (2 LINES)

[LOUNGE LIZARD] Male; 20’s-35; Vince Vaughn in “Swingers”; although his zoot suite remains hung in his closet the vibe and the playa never dies. He hits on “Benson” & “Cabot” in a bar to no avail. (1 line)

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Law and Order : SVU – Damned – Casting News

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RICHARD MORGAN:- Male.. Caucasian; Mid 40’s-Late 50’s; Master of the Universe, Aura of Billionaire; Slick, Charming, Cunning, Manipulative & Regal billionaire investment banker, skyscraper-owner, Ponzi schemer and murderer. At first glance is disarming and likeable but underneath the smooth façade, lies a true sociopath who wouldn’t think twice about killing to protect his ill-gotten gains. Enjoys taunting the police when interrogated. (GUEST STAR)

SECURITY CHIEF JAMES HOPKINS:- Male; Any Ethnicity; 40’s-Late 50’s; No-Nonsense, By the Book, Respected and well Experienced Retired Cop now working a dream job as VP of Security for Richard Morgan’s building. Not much gets by Hopkins and he takes his job very seriously. What he thought would be a cushy semi-retirement has turned out to be a nightmare when a woman ends up murdered on his watch. . Assists our cops in trying to find victim in Morgan’s skyscraper. In the end, mans up and gives Detectives information crucial to their case. (SUPPORTING GUEST STAR)

DANIEL HARDY:- Male; Caucasian; 40’s, Blue Collar; sympathetic working man; Once an innocent, unassuming, loving maintenance man but after 20 years of being falsely imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit he’s turned, cold, bitter, resentful and angry. Framed by the billionaire Richard Morgan, Daniel is finally sprung from prison by decades old evidence that sets him free. (SUPPORTING GUEST STAR)

FRANK:- Male; Caucasian or Hispanic; 40’s-60; blue collar; worn, grizzled but sharp; toughened life long building engineer who has seen it all. Despite his rough demeanor, gets visibly shaken when he finds the dead body. (2 Scenes, 8-10 Lines)

HENRY:- Male; African American; 20’s, blue collar; Wise Cracking & smarter than his breeding may suggest; he’s a dedicated and hard working assistant apprentice building engineer. Enjoys busting his boss Frank’s chops when he can, but his demeanor changes quickly upon discovering the victims bloody clothes. (Teaser, 5 Lines)

MIKE GILMORE:- Male; Caucasian; Late 20’s-Mid 30’s; hot-tempered Frat boy stockbroker with a restraining order against him from his Ex-Wife. Even though he is only guilty of Marijuana Posession; when his ex-wife Renee turns up dead, he becomes the prime suspect. (1 Scenes, 7-10 lines plus 1 Scene Non-Speaking)

SECURITY SUPERVISORS:- Male; Any Ethnicity; Mid 30’s-Mid 50’s; Stern, sharp, Meticulous, eye on everything. They run the Security Command Center for James Hopkins Security Team. He is a desk jockey, but extremely competent and well versed in video surveillance. (1 Scene; 3-5 Lines each)

ELDERLY MAN:- Male; Caucasian; Late 60’s-Mid 70’s; White Collar; still vital and full of fight Grandfather type driven into a heartbreaking murderous rage after losing everything to Richard Morgan’s ponzi scheme. Shoots Morgan in broad daylight and crumbles to the ground in grief. (1 Scene, 1 emotional Line)

CAMERA WOMAN:- Female; Any Ethnicity; 20’s; Hot & sassy risk taking photographer who fancies herself as an independent photo-journalist. Uses her looks to sneak in and out of sticky situations to snap a few pictures of our perp while locked up. (2 Lines)

ROSA VELASQUEZ:- Female; Latina; 20’s-30’s; working class Hot tamale cleaning woman startled when caught with her lover in an empty office space. (1-2 Lines)


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Kathy Griffin lands guest spot on Law and Order SVU

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There’s another Bravo to NBC crossover afoot. First, The Real Housewives of New Jersey popped over to play themselves on Mercy. Now it turns out that Kathy Griffin is on her way to Law and Order: SVU. And, get this, she’s not playing herself. The queen of the D-list will be acting.

Kathy has been tapped to play a lesbian activist in the February 10 episode. As anyone who’s watched Kathy on her Emmy-award winning reality show, My Life on the D-List, Kathy is a shameless over-achiever and loves to work. She’s ambitious and determined to get off the D-list. As she might say, she would go to the opening of a refrigerator if it would help her career.

Clearly, appearing on NBC’s top-rated drama — although that’s not saying much considering that NBC is currently in fourth place among the four networks — could be a feather in Kathy’s cap. Even with all of NBC’s issues, at least SVU remains a very good show. And many guest turns have been Emmy-recognized. In recent years, Leslie Caron, Amanda Plummer, Cynthia Nixon and Marcia Gay Harden all won for appearing on SVU. Could KG be the next splashy guest star to grab a golden statuette?

One thing’s for sure; Kathy will drive ratings. She’ll get her fanny out there on talk shows and promote the appearance. If she could, she’d go to your house and make sure you tune in for the entire hour.

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